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Intermediate art class allows students to draw outside the lines

By Mariam Feleyeh 

Staff Writers

Rules and restrictions are an important part of life. Everyone has to follow them. But sometimes rules can make you feel trapped. When you’re consistently told, “No, stop coloring outside the lines” and are handed a black-and-white book and told to bubble in the answers, you begin to feel trapped. This impacts students especially. Intermediate Visual Arts gives them a chance to break out of the box. 

In Intermediate Visual Arts students use their own methods and techniques to create abstract self-portraits. Meridith Burchiel, who teaches the class, encourages students to work freely and experiment with their own methods instead of having to follow a restricted set of rules. 

“Our intermediate art course is all about self-expression through the form of self-portraits. We really look at what does identity mean and how to use things that are important to us to create a picture or a thing that shows who we are,” Ms. Burchiel.

The students in Ms. Burchiel’s class are inspired by her positivity and feel that she brings out some of their best ideas. “Ms. B. inspires me with her energy and positivity making me try to be the same,” Shasta junior Joshua Munsayac said.

See below for a video about the Intermediate Visual Arts course:

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