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Human Sexuality teaches students to be comfortable with themselves

By Melissa Domingo and Mytrisha Sarmiento

Staff Writers

Human Sexuality is an Expeditions course that focuses on teaching students how to be comfortable with their own sexuality and that of others. Students learn a variety of concepts related to being a person in a society filled with labels and injustice.

The Human Sexuality teacher, Bea Daily, said, “It’s about sexuality and gender and what it means to be a sexual human in the world … It’s kind of pretty broad and very inclusive, I would say.”

Shasta freshman Rocky Conway said Ms. Daily is very open and comfortable with the topics they learn in class. She said, “Ms. Daily is very adamant about making kids feel comfortable [when it comes to] to talking about real-life things that we don’t always get to talk about at home or within our friend groups.”

See below for a video on the Human Sexuality course:

Featured image (at the top of this post): Shasta freshman Tiffany Alfaro showcases her Human Sexuality project.

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