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Community Service students work to help others

By Massimo Sibillo

Staff Writer

At Summit Shasta, students in the Community Service course help people in need by going off campus to do various service projects. Students in this course went around the Bay Area volunteering for housing organizations for the homeless, soup kitchens and non-profit food bank organizations.

“I love how this class lets students explore different problems in the world,” Shasta sophomore Nicolas Pasion said. The students in this course found ways to change the community while enjoying the process.  

“I like this course because [of] the people in it and the fact that we get to help people,” Shasta sophomore David Ramirez said. This course helps students learn communication skills and address real-world problems.

This year in Community Service, students have shown growth through their four rounds, developing communication skills and key takeaways from the course. When students were asked what they took away from this course, it seemed as if the course has really helped not only the students’ growth, but the community as well.

“I would say I definitely liked this course through rounds one and four … it was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed helping,” Shasta sophomore Owen Crims said.

Students coming out of this course have accomplished working for the community by volunteering and helping others in need. Not only were students helping the community and growing personal skills, they also did projects such as controversial art pieces, after-school food sales and a 5-8 page community service project proposal.

See below for a video about the Community Service course:

Featured image (at the top of this post): Shasta senior Jenni Stucky volunteers at a local food bank. 

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