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Historical art still influences us today

By Yasmeen Ali and Aurylina Nguyen
Staff Writers

Art from the past is still relevant today as shown in its impact on individual artists. Both local art museums and art courses on campus reveal the historical influence of art on our culture.

Whether it involves visuals, graphics or acting, art can take the form of anything that displays creativity. Today’s art originated in historical legacies whose stories have been passed down and preserved. Past artists impact many people today with their artistic ability to capture what has occurred before our time.

Historical art has been preserved in places like museums and occasionally brought up in school. This has caused many people to develop different perspectives in their art or their mindset. As art has become an important aspect in many lives, it continues to inspire and give people a reason to love it.

According to an experienced representative at the San Jose Museum of Art, “Art is important as it is a way to express and explaining themselves.”

“True Journey Is Return” by Dinh Q. Lê is shown in the San Jose Museum of Art. PHOTO CREDIT: Aurylina Nguyen

As stated in an article by Monte Nagler Fine Art: “We are surrounded by art and use it on a continual basis.” That said, art is not just what we’d see at a museum or an art gallery. Art is in every aspect of our lives; most people do not realize the fine arts that are in our lives. It is most common to not notice the art in your own house, from the patterns and designs on your blankets to the detailed ceramic dinnerware.

Art has influenced many people, turning them into historical legacies, such as Van Gogh and Edgar Degas. One of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings, “Starry Night,” represented his emotions; it is famous for the unique style and the emotions that were illustrated in the painting. Degas’ most famous painting was the “The Absinthe Drinker”; it represented a warning against absinthe, a strong alcoholic beverage, and the French general at the time.

Art can be used in many ways; it can help cope with a special matter, and it can be a way to express how you feel to another person. People can see what emotions you felt as you made the art piece with the contouring and colors.

The Visual Arts Expeditions teacher, Mathew Scicluna, described his love for art and many inspirations he obtained over the years. Mr. Scicluna stated his opinion that historical art is “super important” and that artists from the past shaped what the world is today. He also said that art was used as propaganda to people who couldn’t read or write, therefore helping to evolve our society.

“The Path of Love” by Omar Mismar is shown at the San Jose Museum of Art. PHOTO CREDIT: Aurylina Nguyen

Mr. Scicluna also addressed the artists of today who group up and put up their art at night to address social issues. While people of the present like Indecline or Banksy influence him and inspire him, additionally he finds Leonardo Da Vinci a “really cool” artist.

Tahoma sophomore Lilith Flowers said that when art is brought up in school, it is “most prominent” and that it teaches more life skills than any other class. Flowers additionally said that art from the past has had a large impact on our culture, whether it was our language, mindset or society in general.

See below for a video with more information on the impact of historical art:


Featured image (at the top of this post): The San Jose Museum of Art displays a building full of creativity and imagination. PHOTO CREDIT: For Freedoms


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