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Coaching styles impact athletes

By Alex Twoy Staff Writer Different coaching styles can affect the way athletes perform, as shown by the different approaches taken by Denali’s men’s and women’s soccer teams. Coach Peter Ellerkamp said that he likes a committed, structured and organized team. “Discipline is my No. 1 coaching method,” he said. “I’ve told you this before, and I’ll tell it again:

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Children experience the wonders of nature at Walden West

By Monique Contreras Staff Writer Walden West has gathered many interns from Summit Public School: Tahoma to volunteer as cabin leaders. Usually, when gathered at the site, there are other people who volunteer to also become cabin leaders. From there begins the joy of taking care of children and experiencing nature along the way. Walden West asks the volunteers to

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Classic literature is still relevant in the modern world

By Polina Runova Staff Writers Classic literature has been a part of our lives and communities for many generations, and yet it never seems to grow old. Some would even argue that it is the difference in time that makes these books all the more valuable today. Whatever the reason, teachers and students agree that despite the distant language, classics

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Historical art still influences us today

By Yasmeen Ali and Aurylina NguyenStaff Writers Art from the past is still relevant today as shown in its impact on individual artists. Both local art museums and art courses on campus reveal the historical influence of art on our culture. Whether it involves visuals, graphics or acting, art can take the form of anything that displays creativity. Today’s art

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Filling the gap of representation through art

 By Judy Ly  Rainier Editor-in-Chief For this Expeditions round of Ethnic Studies, students studied the portrayal of people of non-dominant backgrounds in media. From music video to films to even personal poetry, Expeditions teacher Angel Barragan showcased the representation and misrepresentation of Latinos, Asians, Native Americans and African Americans. In an interview with Mr. Barragan, he said he came from

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Rainier students take a stand on bathroom policies

By Keith Dinh, Deandra Han, Khanh Nguyen, Jennifer Rico, Charlie Stattion and Jasmine Villegas Staff Editors Summit Public School: Rainier has implemented a new restroom policy in which students receive green passes per semester that allow them to use the restroom a set amount of times per class. After these passes run out, students are no longer able to use

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