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Performing Arts teach us humanity

By Evelyn Archibald Staff Writer “The most important thing any kind of arts can teach,” Stage Combat and College Readiness instructor Keith Brown says, “is what teaches us humanity.” Stage Combat, an acting class focusing on combat and physical communication on stage, is the only performing arts class currently offered at Summit Shasta, but maybe that should change. While, as

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Community debates the role of physical fitness at Summit Shasta

By Melissa Domingo and Mytrisha Sarmiento Staff Writers Summit Shasta is known for its self-directed curriculum and its lack of a physical education system. A few students and faculty feel as if this should be fixed. The only physical fitness requirement for Shasta students is to pass a physical fitness test in freshman year. Students are required to perform push-ups,

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Sports form community

By Matthew Goncalves, Ethaniel Reyes and Jordan Singh Staff Writers Sports are physical activities that involve individual teams competing against each other in order to appeal to certain fans, and they are also used to entertain people. Some of these sports include soccer, basketball, baseball and football. Although these sports are used for entertainment, they are also able to create

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