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Community Service course launches at Everest

DSC_0006 (1)
Delaney Jures, teacher of the Community Service Expeditions course

By Karla Santana

Everest Photo Editor

Delaney Jures is the teacher for the new Community Service Expeditions course at Everest Public High School. This course is about finding non-profit organizations to work with and to volunteer at. When asked about what she wants students to get out of the class, Ms. Jures said, “I want them to be able to find value in community service and feel empowered by going out and volunteering and changing their community that they live in.”

Here’s what students had to say about their new Expeditions course:

Everest freshman Melissa Benitez

When asked why she joined the Community Service course, Everest freshman Melissa Benitez said, “I joined this Expeditions course because I thought it would be a good experience to help others.”


Everest freshman Esmeralda Villagomez


When asked what the Community Service class is about, Everest freshman Esmeralda Villagomez said, “It’s mostly about you learning about community service and what community service is and how you can help others and what you can get involved in.” She is looking forward to getting the hands-on experience and actually helping people out.  

Students performed cleanup work around the Everest campus:


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The Community Service Expeditions class works to improve their school community:


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