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Organizers reflect on the Everest walkout

By Anna Scherer and Natally Tapia

Staff Writers

The organizers of the Sequoia Union Walkout put their skills to use and grew as activists on the day they took a stand for school safety. On March 14, students from Everest Public High School and Summit Preparatory Charter High School participated in the National Walkout Day to protest gun violence.

Everest freshman Tali Beres, a student in the Expeditions Social and Emotional Intelligence course, was one of the student organizers, along with Everest junior Samantha Suchite, a student in the Expeditions Human Rights course. The teacher who helped organize the walkout was Zoe Marinkovich, the Human Rights teacher. She said she helped organize the walkout because she wanted to provide resources to students who were fighting for their safety at school.

The walkout showed the students how to put the skills they gained in their Expeditions courses into use. Ms. Marinkovich explained what information she teaches in her Human Rights Expeditions course: “Through these case studies, students are asked to develop skills that Human Rights activists use. They do an oral history, and we also gain skills trying to understand what’s happening in our legislature right now: what laws are trying to be passed; what are activists working on to try and address some of these issues, and what does it mean for individuals citizens to be engaged in that process.”

See below for a video explaining more about this walkout:

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