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Human Sexuality impacts the community

By Deandra Han, Jennifer Rico, Charlie Stattion, Karla Tran and Jasmine Villegas

Staff Writers

Human Sexuality is an Expeditions course that allows students to learn more about human bodies, gender and sexual orientation; it also gives students a chance to express themselves in a safe space. This course teaches students the importance of consent and the importance of knowing your body before getting involved in sexual intercourse.

Unfortunately, this class was disbanded mid-year at the South Bay campuses, so those who were in this class had to change courses. The loss of Human Sexuality greatly impacted the community; many students were upset that the class was no longer going to be available.

The Expeditions team has worked to relaunch the Human Sexuality course at its South Bay campuses, hiring Rebecca Breuer for the 2018-19 school year. Ms. Breuer will teach Human Sexuality at Rainier, Tahoma and Denali. Ms. Breuer has extensive experience in Sex Education; she also works as a fitness instructor, a skill she’ll bring to bear in her Health and Fitness class, which will be offered at Shasta. She has taught in many locations around the world, including New Zealand. She’s relocating to Summit from Tulsa, OK.

For more information about the course, see this video:

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