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Visual Arts Expeditions course teaches students valuable skills

By Ilse Diaz, Alicia Palacios, Carter Reid and Carmin Vera 

Staff Writers

The purpose of the Visual Arts Expeditions course is to teach students that art is more than just painting. Art can take your imagination far from what you expect. It is a way for students to look at things with different perspectives.

Celebration of Learning is a great opportunity to get parents to gather around and learn about the work that students do in Expeditions. They also learn more about the school, the Expeditions courses and the teachers who run them. Visual Arts students presented their work to visitors, providing artist statements to put their work in context.

Kalyn Olson, the Visual Arts Expeditions teacher, said, “There are so many opportunities to bring art into so many other classes like science, history, English and even math. Students don’t make those connections right away, and my hope is that by being in Expeditions they can learn the skills to bring art into all their other classes and to teach them that art is made all the time.”

For the 2018-19 school year, Ms. Olson has moved into an administrative role for the Expeditions team. Meridith Burchiel will be teaching Visual Arts.

See below for a video about this course:


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