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Students are taught how to teach and plan in Education Pathways

By Keith Dinh

Staff Writer  

Education Pathways is a course that teaches its students how to make their own lesson plans, teach other students and learn more about the political, or even historical, aspects of teaching. On top of that, the course allows students to have hands-on experience in teaching. This course is not only for students who want to become teachers, but also for students who want better planning skills, improved persuasion skills, and a way to polish their skills at interacting effectively with other people.

This year, Education Pathways’ Celebration of Learning projects consist of posters that the students put together to show what they have learned through the course of this year. The posters depict how each student’s thoughts on the course have changed through the year, and some even display their future career goals that utilize many of the teachings they have attained from this course.

Maritza Aguirre, a freshman at Summit Rainier, said, “Education Pathways is kind of weird, because she is teaching you how to be a teacher and teaching you about the education system. So what I’ve learned so far is kind of what teachers are thinking about when they’re planning their lessons, how they interact with students and just the problems in education today.”

See below for a video about this course:

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