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Redwood City journalism programs expand

By Irving Frausto and Jose Lopez 

Staff Writers 

Journalism at Everest is becoming broader with the topics that are being reported and talked about. In the 2017-18 school year, Journalism focused more on matters that happened at Everest Public High School and other Summit Public School campuses.

This year, there are three journalism courses offered at Everest: Journalism, Advanced Journalism, and Multimedia Journalism.

Next school year, the Everest journalism program will create a student-led group that will be reporting on the same topics as before and trying to improve coverage in areas such as sports. One thing that will be added to the student-led group is job titles, such as Everest Sports Editor. The students who have those titles will be in charge of focusing on that one beat.

The students who will be leading the Everest journalism program for the 2018-19 school year are Jennifer Valencia and Molly Pigot, this year’s Managing Editors. As Editor-in-Chief, each will help supervise an independent study style course in which journalism students produce articles, multimedia features, and social media content.

Valencia said she aims to “kind of guide them through what I believe is going to be a great, good thing like we’re gonna – it’s like – you’re gonna have a lot more freedom to do what you want and choose the topics that you want and go and explore things that you want.”

See below for a video with more information:

Students at Summit Prep will also be leading a student-led advanced journalism course. See this video for more information about their plans:


Journalism students learn to communicate

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