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Human Sexuality course prepares and informs students for their future relationships

By Umar Arancibia, Oscar Hernandez, Trevon Madere, Alexis Sanchez and Ethan Sheppy

Staff Writers

The Human Sexuality course reviews many different topics, including safe sex, human anatomy, pregnancy options and sexually transmitted infections. Exploring those topics helps answer all the questions students have, while providing a welcoming class environment.

During Celebration of Learning, a night where students show their parents what they’ve been learning throughout Expeditions, students talked to their parents about human sexuality and basically gave them the “birds and the bees” talk that a parent might give to their child. 

Kristina Bockhold, Expeditions assistant director and Human Sexuality teacher, hopes the course benefits the students in the future. “If students are planning on having families down the road, for example, the knowledge here is beneficial … so it’s one of those classes that gives you real-time info that’s good to know and also info that you would need to know for the rest of your life.”

See below for a video about this course:

Featured Image (at the top of this post): Summit Prep freshman Yasslin Adame and junior Esbeide Chavez explain how to have “the talk” with kids.

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