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Adulting 101 explores wellness and adult responsibilities

By Jessica Esparza, Lucy Exley and Eliza Insley

Staff Writers 

Adulting 101 is a new Expeditions course this year that is taught by Zoe Marinkovich. The class’s purpose is to teach students skills that are needed in adult life: getting a job, starting a bank account, filing taxes, etc.

For their final project, they made Public Service Announcement videos to educate their fellow students about topics that ranged from how to avoid student loan debt to getting enough sleep. They also created posters to raise awareness of different wellness and safety factors.

Expeditions teacher Zoe Marinkovich explained this about the creation of the Adulting 101 course: “We asked…what is missing in Expeditions, and we got a lot of responses that said, ‘You know, I’m really worried about getting a job. I’m really worried about how to pay bills and how to pay taxes. I want to get my drivers license. We looked at all those responses, and I said: Alright, I will do my best to design a course that meets all those needs.”

See below for a video about the course:

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