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Creative Writing students channel their creativity into writing

By Magdaline Silva and Ashley Venegas

Staff Writers

If you are an aspiring writer searching to refine and enhance your writing skills, look no further than the Creative Writing course. Taught by Elizabeth DeOrnellas, who started at Summit Rainier teaching AP Language before joining the Expeditions team, the Creative Writing course encourages students to grow more confident in their writing and presentation skills. The course challenges students to view literature in a different perspective.

During the 2016-17 school year, the Creative Writing Expeditions course taught students to produce poetry and short stories as well as to present them in order to receive feedback from peers and improve upon not only their writing skills but their level of comfort sharing work with others. Projects included in the course range from slam poetry to creating a children’s book. The Creative Writing course encases fun, creativity and learning all into one class, especially tailored for our future generation of writers.

Creative Writing wasn’t offered during the 2017-18 school year, but a revamped course called Creative Writing as Performance will be offered for the 2018-19 school year. The course will expand upon the projects discussed above, and it will include closer collaboration with the Expeditions Drama course, in order to provide extra support for the Creative Writing students as they prepare for their Poetry Slam.

“I would definitely recommend this to any student, actually, even if you’re not really into writing in general. If you have any type of interest towards the creative arts then you should definitely take this because writing is really important…plus it’s a fun class,” Tyler Vo, a former Creative Writing student at Rainier, said.

See the video below for more insight about next year’s Creative Writing as Performance course, as well as interviews from former Creative Writing students: 



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