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Street Fighter is the first fighting game I ever liked

By Gladys Nunez

Staff Writer

I’m going to review the classic video game hit “Street Fighter.” So what is “Street Fighter”?

“Street Fighter” is known to be the first classic competitive fighting game franchise that has been a huge hit since the late 1980s. It was created by a man named Takashi Nishiyama who worked at a big company named Capcom.

I rate this game 5 out of 5 stars. Here is why I rate it that:

Graphic quality: 

Within each game in the series, the graphics get better. The first version of the game was in a very pixelated style, and the characters kind of looked weird. Later, the second game came out, and the graphics looked better: it’s still pixelated, but the graphics did show more clearly and in more detail. In the third game, the graphics looked semi-pixelated / well-drawn and very well-detailed. Then their technology improved; on their fourth game, all the graphics became more 3d, and the game turned into a hit. The graphics are good with their shading and color. I especially loved the fifth version of the game; they added more color; their shading is perfect as well with their lighting!

Character development: What are my favorite characters?

I really like the characters a lot! Their personalities are much more explosive in the fifth game, with the fighters having pretty good energy. Now here are a few of my favorite characters from the game, who they are and why they matter to me:

Vega- First appearance: “Street Fighter 2: World Warrior”

If you don’t know who Vega is, he is a ninja / assassin who craves beauty, values physical appearance and kills the ugly based off their appearance not what’s inside. Mainly because of his past he developed that personality. He is 6’2” – he loves roses, himself and beauty; he hates ugly people, Juri, and, of course, those who crave money and power.

First off, beautiful fighters like him never lose battles! His range is perfect as well as his fighting skill. I really like how he can be a noble gentleman in the day but can turn into a sadistic ugly character. I have a crush on him as well; out of the whole series, he, oddly to me, is the most attractive fighter!

Remy- First appearance: “Street Fighter 3: The Third Strike”

He’s basically a stereotypical emo dude who mostly seems like a calm and quiet character, but he can be self-doubting and kind of cruel to others. He still loves his sister, even though she is dead; however, other than her, Remy hates everyone, especially his dad and Alex.

Remy is just this cool dude – you might be rolling your eyes when I say this, but I kinda like how he is a cute emo boy. I also kind of feel bad for him and his past and how he practically lives in the streets underground in Paris. Also I like how his movements are a combination of moves from Guile and his own moves.

The music track:

I like how the music progressively reveals more about the characters’ personalities. For example, Chun Li’s music has a beat that gives out the impression: I am a Chinese girl who is calm and chill, but I am also a strong female fighter. I also like how the speed of the music changes, depending on how energetic or calm the characters are.

In conclusion:

I honestly do recommend that people who love fighting games check out “Street Fighter.” I love the characters with their explosive personalities. The latest version of the game has good graphics and good character development, exciting new looks in the background and very good music tracks!

Featured Image (at the top of this post): The main character, Ryu, tries to find out what he is fighting for as the game progresses. PHOTO CREDIT: BagoGames / Flickr

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