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San Jose: A Unique Place to Visit

By Ethan Nguyen and Nathan Tran

Staff Writers

Welcome to San Jose, a place where a lot of people can find something that they would like to do. San Jose is one of those places where there’s something for everyone.

A city of over 1 million people, San Jose is the largest city in Northern California. In the state of California, it is the third largest city in terms of population. 

Due to the city’s uniqueness, there are a lot of places to visit and eat at, even if you are on a time constraint. Most of the places we would recommend are in the downtown metropolitan area. Combined with being the tech capital, the architecture is a combination of classical Spanish and modernism. 

Three places we’d recommend visiting are the Basilica Cathedral of Saint Joseph, a major and very distinct Catholic Church; The San Jose Museum of Art, which was unfortunately closed at the time of filming; in addition to a small cafe called Bijan, that serves European pastries.

These places are all very interesting to visit, as they are all unique in their own way.

Watch the video below to see all the visual aspects of the places mentioned above:





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