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Students explore themselves and influence society in Identities class

By Meredith Espinosa

Staff Writer

The Identities class at Everest explores all aspects of identity, from race to gender to sexuality. Students discuss their identities and how identity affects them. They also learn how to heal from the damage society inflicts – from being judged or harassed for their identity or being forced into an identity that doesn’t fit them.

For Celebration of Learning, students explored sexism and how it negatively impacts all aspects of life, not just learning. Students split into groups and each created a project to help either explain the issue or improve things within the Everest community.

When asked if prospective students should know anything else about the class, the teacher, Jewell Bachelor, said, “If you want to grow and heal, join Identities. That’s it.”

See below for a video about this course:

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