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Screenwriting takes students a step further into video production

 By Rylee Storms

Staff Writer

Screenwriting at Everest Public High School teaches students how to write scripts for videos and films they would like to produce in the future.

“I wanted to teach what I know, and what I know is how to write screenplays and how to write scripts,” Screenwriting teacher Vincent Nelson said.

The detailed Expeditions course also provides students with knowledge on how to start off in the movie industry. Students even got hands-on time with cameras and lights, creating their own set and shooting a short film.

The short film, however, is not just practice for the students; it was also their Celebration of Learning project. They presented this film to family and friends to show them how much they have gained from the class.

Mr. Nelson said, “The sweet thing about being a writer is you’re never done; you’re just finished.”

See below for a video about this course:

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