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Summit Prep sophomore rising to baseball stardom

By Ethan Sheppy

Staff Writer

Among all the studying and hard work at Summit Preparatory Charter High School, life still goes on. This is especially true for Tyler McGuire, a Summit Prep sophomore, who is on his own path to baseball stardom.

McGuire has been on the road to success for a long time, as his father and brothers inspired him to start playing the sport at a very young age. While playing the sport, McGuire has traveled all over the world, playing very competitive teams and even attracting the attention of high-tier clubs.

“Some colleges have seen me on MaxPreps, and they have emailed me and contacted my parents. They’ve just been talking to us, telling us about their school.”

McGuire states that through baseball, he has been challenged to step up in the tough situations of a game and to lead his team. He also has found that baseball has been a gateway for him to make new connections with his teammates that end in long-lasting friendships.

To McGuire, baseball is not only a great sport, but a way to discover himself and others. He states that he is always coming back to baseball, even when times get tough in his life, because it has always been there for him. He also believes that it won’t just help him physically, but will also help him personally and academically.

“I think it can help me get a scholarship, and I just like making new connections with people and it’s pretty easy to do that while playing.”

Through finding success in the sport early on, McGuire has been inspired to further continue his baseball career. When asked about his future aspirations in the sport, McGuire said he wants to continue through solid baseball programs and succeed at the college level. He stated that he doesn’t know if he will play after college, but he certainly does not want to leave the sport entirely.

“I want to play college. I don’t know if I’ll go anywhere after college; but, if in the future I have kids, I’d want them to play a sport, maybe baseball.”

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  1. Tom McGuire Tom McGuire May 31, 2018

    Very cool Tyler.. you could have told us about this.

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