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Art affects lives

By Maddie Artap, C.C. Logan and Skylar Peters 

Staff Writers

Art is something we all have in common, no matter our backgrounds or whether we consider ourselves to be talented. Art connects us to one another with its impactful messages and mysterious shapes and colors. We can all relate to art, which makes sense since it has been in human culture since the very beginning. Alicia Palacios, a freshman at Summit Prep, said, “Art brings people closer […] something they have in common.”

Here at Summit Preparatory Charter High School, we have a Visual Arts Expeditions course where students embark on art projects each time Expeditions comes around. We asked a few students from the class some questions about how visual art has affected their daily lives.

Many of us use art to channel and express our emotions. Art can change our emotions to make us feel more serene and calm, happy and excited, or still and melancholy. The mood in a piece of artwork is caused by the emotions an artist felt while creating the piece. Daniel Garcia, a sophomore at Summit Prep, said, “Art helps me stay focused and positive and always very energetic.”

Current events affect modern artwork; for example, the 2016 election inspired political cartoons that people drew to express their inner thoughts and opinions while making others laugh. People create murals in the streets to send a message to those passing in hopes of creating change in their community.

Life lessons can be taught through art, such as persistence and patience. Artists learn to never give up and to persevere; some of the most famous art pieces were never finished, such as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, which he painted for years up until his death. Eliza Insley, a sophomore at Summit Prep, said, “I’ve learned how to manage my time and persevere through my mistakes.”

Art is a universal language which we use all the time; whether we are artists or just fans, we can all understand art. Art impacts our day-to-day lives and inspires us to create.

Whether we notice it or not, art impacts our lives every day in a significant way that connects us to others all over the world.

See below for a video profile of the Visual Arts Expeditions course at Summit Prep:

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