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Spanish teacher proves to be a salsa star

By Jasmin Mendoza

Staff Writer

Marisa Craig is not only passionate about teaching Spanish; she is also passionate about Latin dancing. It all started in middle school, when her mother took her to watch her very first dance performance. At that moment, Ms. Craig, now a Spanish teacher at Summit Tahoma, knew that Latin dance was something she wanted to pursue. She started to try out for school dances, and more doors started opening.

Ms. Craig has been participating in salsa and bachata competitions since 2016. She stays committed to her competitions by rehearsing three to six days a week. Ms. Craig’s rehearsals consist of many tasks, such as conditioning, adding rhinestones to her performance outfits and practicing spin drills to get used to spinning at fast speeds.

To see Ms. Craig perform and to hear her discuss her experiences, watch the video below: 

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