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College Readiness helps support students

By Leah Harrington

Staff Writer

College Readiness is a class where the teacher helps the students prepare for college and future careers. The course includes topics such as financial aid, ACT / SAT prep, savings / earning of money, etc.

Veronica Bettencourt, College Readiness teacher

College Readiness teacher Veronica Bettencourt said the projects are “meant to get you ready for senior year.” She said the course tries to support all students. “We tell you to try your best at attending college even if you’re scared.”

The class helps students prepare for their future college and career by discussing financial aid and helping them find money.

Ms. Bettencourt said she could provide even more support to students if the classes were smaller. She said she enjoys working one-on-one with students. “I think teenagers don’t get enough respect, so I believe in them and where they want to go.”

Tahoma junior Alex Lyon said she would like to attend U.C. Davis because she heard that “it has biology science that I might want to try out.”

Tahoma senior Elena Shain said “I’m getting a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in clinical social work.”

Shain also said that College Readiness helps them “prepare for the senior year, which is before college and career life.”

Tahoma junior Colleen Bateman said that she wants to attend CU Boulder because “they have a class on journalism, which I am interested in doing.”

Bateman also said that College Readiness gives her information on how to apply for a test that she might need to take.

This slideshow has posters of different colleges that students might be interested in trying out:


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