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Locals jump into the Redwood City basketball community

By Jesus De La Rosa, Garrett Kelly and Max Livingston

Staff Writers

Basketball in the Redwood City community is a major part of daily life. We went around Redwood City and discussed with locals how basketball has helped the community and how basketball has changed their lives.

We interviewed many passionate people and asked them the question: How has basketball changed you as a person in your community?

The first person we interviewed was Elliot Reidy, a resident of Redwood City for 18 years. Reidy is currently in college and is enrolled at Skyline College. Reidy had a tough childhood, and basketball was a way to get out of ghetto. As Reidy got older, he realized he has a true talent for basketball. This year Reidy will be a redshirt freshman for the Skyline College basketball team.

Alexander Kasali is in high school and really likes playing on the team at Carlmont. He likes doing it because he can make friends, and it also keeps him in shape so that he is healthy. Kasali enjoys the game because it is a competitive game that also makes him connect with people.

Ryan Ferguson is in school at San Mateo High. Every weekend Ferguson goes to courts here in Redwood City to look for some pickup games. Places like Red Morton, the YMCA and the newly donated KD Court at Hoover Park are always filled with hoopers that just want to hoop.

Donovan Washington is a basketball coach who used to play in high school and college. He said that he really likes to coach and that it brings a new perspective to the game of basketball. Mr. Washington said he really understands what his coaches were saying when he was a kid.

Jovany Soria, a long-time resident of Redwood City, said basketball has helped him a lot as a person. He has created new friendships on the court that will last a lifetime. Also, Mr. Soria said it’s good to get some cardio and workout a bit through basketball.

Chuck Kremesec has been playing basketball for a long time now, and he really thinks it has helped him as a person. It has gotten him through tough times and has made him a better person. Kremesec likes going to the YMCA to play pickup on the weekends. He likes the community because he can meet new people and have fun.

In conclusion, we learned many new stories. While each story is unique, they all have the same overall message: basketball is a big part of the Redwood City community.

Here is the video:

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