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College Readiness prepares students for the future

By William Kramer

Staff Writer

There are many students at Everest enjoying this class called College Readiness. It’s a class to explore colleges. Some people might think it’s hard at first, but once they start taking it, they realize it is really helpful. Everest junior Samantha Suchite said, “It felt surprising because it was actually really helpful.”

Everest junior Samantha Suchite

This class really helps people get into good colleges because you get to look into different colleges that best work out for you. It lets you see their academics and different things about each school. This is especially beneficial for people who have parents that never went to college.

Everyone has the chance to make career goals and college goals. This class is meant to figure out a plan to reach these goals and to try and reach the requirements for their college interest.

Everest junior Savina Galvan

One college goal includes Everest junior Savina Galvan’s which is “studying abroad, because it would be a fun and good experience.” Another college goal includes Suchite’s saying, “Be successful to make myself happy.”

College Readiness Teacher Melissa Thiriez expects that people use this time to explore personal plans. This really pushes you to think about what you want to achieve in life and what you want to accomplish.

College Readiness teacher Melissa Thiriez

Students do certain projects to explore careers and majors based on students’ interests. If someone doesn’t think they want to go to college, or are worried about it, this would be a great opportunity to think through things.

People in this class get prepared for college because they do different projects to explore different careers and colleges. According to Galvan, the kind of projects that are in this class are: “You get to choose an interesting college and see their academics and see different things about it.” The kind of projects that are in this class according to Suchite are “mostly college oriented, resumes, scholarships and future goals.”

Students can also get help from other people since almost everyone wants to go to college. According to Suchite, “My favorite thing about this class is that a majority of the people want to go to college so we get to help each other out.” If you are stuck or behind, there is going to be someone out there to help out.

College Readiness students said their teachers are great supporters. They help students come up with plans and gives them projects to help explore different colleges for the future.

Ms. Thiriez likes to find student’s post high school plans, especially students who aren’t doing too well. Ms. Thiriez said one thing that specifically interests her is “finding best fit plans for students post high school.”

Lots of students think they have plans for the future and what they want. This class helps people get a better idea about their plans and make them better. Ms. Thiriez said her favorite part of this job is “seeing students change their mind or thinking about their future plans and the long conversations we have about what they want to do are hopefully helpful.” This means that they have great teaching and gives students better choices of what they might like instead of what they might of been thinking earlier.

All students came up with career goals based on what they are interested and/or what would best fit for them. Galvan said her career goal is “to be a nurse and it helps find out which are more interesting.” Suchite said her career goal is “to major in criminology or special education, it will help me by getting me to the career or job I want.”

If students are having a hard time in school, this would be the perfect class. It helps come up with plans for how to get students into college.

Ms. Thiriez has been teaching College Readiness for Summit Public Schools for one year. She said she enjoys teaching the class: “Yes, my passion is helping students get to college, especially people underrepresented in the college setting.” If this applies to students, they are not alone.

Everest junior Jesse Vargas

Everest junior Jesse Vargas said, “I don’t really care about this class, I just like the teacher because I already hear enough about college from my family.” If students were the first person out of their whole family to go to college, this might not be the case and this class would be the perfect thing to get prepared for it. If it is the case, it’s just extra practice.

Some students have some advice for those who are new to this class. Suchite’s advice was: “Don’t listen to the comments of other people who don’t think you should take this class.” This means some people don’t like this class or don’t think it will be good, but it is actually really helpful and would be a great opportunity to get into a good college. Galvan’s advice was: “If you don’t plan on going to college, still take it and explore colleges that you might like.”

Vargas said that “it’s up to the person and how they learn” to determine if they can get into a good college. This means if you take this class very seriously, it will really help. 

Even being in this class is a massive advantage because not many schools have it. It might seem unusual to have it in this school, but it is a really helpful tool for college.

Ms. Thiriez said that this class prepares students for careers, explaining that in “this unit, we’re exploring different careers and majors that align with student interests. They’re also interviewing people in the fields that they want to pursuit.” If students don’t have any interests, this class is very helpful for that and the projects can give them better ideas about what to do about that.

This class is a really helpful class because, as Galvan said, “It helps you explore different colleges that best works.” One common interest, according to Suchite is “learning about colleges and scholarships and career possibly because we have one more year to decide what school we want to go to and what career we want to do.”

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