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Students review local hamburger restaurants

By Jon Aguilar, Steven Poltorak and Isaac Sanchez

Staff Writers  

At first glance, burger restaurants might seem like a big jumble; but on further inspection, you can see customers conversing with each other and eating the praised food that everybody has been talking about. At all such places, there are smiles on the people’s faces, and their laughs fill the air.

Upon entering, the smell of different flavors and aromas fill your nostrils. Your nose is filled with the smell of fries, burgers and sweet milkshakes. All of these smells combined together make your mouth water as you decide what food to get.

In addition to the smells, you hear the constant sound of conversations among customers in the building, the sound of orders being called, orders being made and chatter about the food. In the background, you can hear the sizzling of the hamburgers and the fries in oil.

In a matter of minutes, the moment you have been waiting for comes.

Your order has been called. You grab your food and find a place to seat. As you take the first bite of your juicy burger, the experience is so profoundly awesome. The flavors begin to burst into your mouth as you eat the burger. Then you take a bite of the fries and a sip of your milkshake. All of these experiences make a burger restaurant so special.

When people go to restaurants to eat, they don’t just pick a random restaurant, they take time to find one that meets their preferences. People choose to eat at specific restaurants because they are attracted to the taste, the quality and the type of food served there. It all depends on the type of person and what kind of food they prefer to eat.

Particularly in Redwood City, there are some very popular restaurants that get a lot of attention on the internet and around town. Have you ever wondered why these restaurants get so much attention? Well, we decided to find out.

As a group, we wanted to find out why these restaurants get so much attention. We began digging deeper into the why, finding out along the way that we needed to make our research more attainable and specific. We needed to focus on a certain type of restaurant and a type of food. After brainstorming for some time, we came to a consensus to focus on hamburger restaurants. We were trying to figure out why burger restaurants have become so popular in our community. We were hoping to find out which one is the best.

With this in mind, we set out on a mission to visit three of the most popular burger restaurants in Redwood City.  We were trying to see the specific reasons why people preferred one restaurant over another and what made each restaurant special.  

The restaurants that we went to included Five Guys, In-N-Out and the Habit.

At these restaurants, we interviewed customers who had just eaten the food. We asked them a few questions, in order to identify why people prefer that restaurant. The four questions that we asked were:

  1. What do you like about the hamburgers from here?
  2. How would you rate this burger place from 1-5 stars?
  3. Why did you choose this burger place over a different one?
  4. How do you feel after you have eaten from this restaurant?

We asked these questions to help us understand why people like that restaurant and what makes it so popular.

At the first location, Five Guys, we weren’t able to find a customer who wanted to be interviewed because people said they had to get to work. However, we noticed that a lot of people were coming and going from the restaurant.

When we went to In-N-Out, we hit the jackpot. In the interview, we asked the customer the questions listed above.

At the Habit, we interviewed one of our peers from school. He was able to tell us his honest thoughts on how he viewed the Habit to be.  

We did this project because we wanted to see what different aspects of hamburger places people liked. Then we wanted to compare them to each other to see how the food tasted and the differences between each place. We gave our opinion about each burger after we had eaten it, and we could then compare the places based off what we tasted.

We also made judgments around customer satisfaction, along with customer support, to show how it would be to order from one of these establishments.

We concluded that at Five Guys the customer service wasn’t anything special, but the food was most satisfactory.  As for In-n-Out, we noticed that the customer service was very good, and the food was very good. In our opinion, we thought the Habit had the best customer service; the manager was very nice; however, the food was not the best of the three.

We concluded that the reason why people enjoy eating at hamburger restaurants is due to the fact that they like the consistency of the food, the taste, and their feeling of satisfaction after every meal.

Here is our review of the restaurants:

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