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DACA affects our community

By Jacob Kahn-Samuelson Staff Writer Donald Trump announced on Sept. 5 that he will not be renewing DACA and instead will let it expire; that decision created an ongoing legal battle that affects hundreds of thousands of immigrants across the United States, including many in San Jose. DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals; those who qualify for DACA

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Students and teachers share how they have bonded with their mentor group

By Lilith Flowers and Kaitlyn Kelley   Staff Writers  “This year, recently, I struggled a lot because my baby cousin passed away, so I was able to open up to her, and she was, like, there to comfort me,” Mikala Zavala said. “And same thing with my fellow mentees.” Zavala, a junior at Summit Tahoma, shared her relationship with her mentor,

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College Readiness helps support students

By Leah Harrington Staff Writer College Readiness is a class where the teacher helps the students prepare for college and future careers. The course includes topics such as financial aid, ACT / SAT prep, savings / earning of money, etc. College Readiness teacher Veronica Bettencourt said the projects are “meant to get you ready for senior year.” She said the

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Theater brings the world together

By Monique Contreras Staff Writer The Modern Acting and Theater course is a class that prepares its students to enter the world of theater. Its purpose is to show how students must prepare to enter into the theater community. The students taking this class all have a different approach. They have different expectations of what they will take away from this

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Drama classes promote individuality and self-expression

By Ethan Nguyen and Nathan Tran Staff Writers The Drama class at Summit Public School: Tahoma is liked by many of the students who participate in this Expeditions course.  This is because many of the students reported that they love the teachers and the people who participate in this course. The students said they love this course because the teachers

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Entrepreneurship class influences young minds

By Benjamin Arts and Kunal Puri Staff Writers At Summit Public School: Tahoma, a class is establishing new entrepreneurs. Here students use their creative skills and learn how to create their own businesses. Aaron Calvert, the teacher, stated, “I had my background in Business Education, and, at Summit, I had the chance to teach something that I love – Entrepreneurship!” 

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