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Student shares his story of art

By Valerie Chagoya

Staff Writer

Rainier junior Christopher Zuniga

Christopher Zuniga is a junior currently attending Summit Public School: Rainier. He’s been taking art classes for two years and has sketched as a hobby since he was around 12 years old.

1.Why are you interested in art? 
“It’s the best way to express yourself,” Zuniga said. “Art gives you lots of freedom, and you can draw whatever you want in your own unique way. It also makes a convenient hobby because all you need is paper and a pencil.”

2. What kind of artist would you describe yourself as?
“I sketch most of the time, and I occasionally like to paint,” Zuniga said. “So I mainly consider myself a sketch artist.”

3. Do you enjoy being in art class? Why or why not?
“Yes, because I get to experience all views of art,” Zuniga said. “I can learn a lot more than I would on my own. I also get to make friends who enjoy art like I do.”

4. What is your favorite piece of art you have created? Why?
“Last year I sketched Papyrus from the game Undertale,” Zuniga said. “It took me a while but I’m very proud of it.”

5. How has art impacted your life and personality?
“Art makes me see different interpretations of my surroundings,” Zuniga said. “I don’t think it affects my personality much, but people always describe me as artistic.”

6. Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
“Just a lot of webcomic artists,” Zuniga said. “My art teachers also encourage me a lot.”

7. How seriously do you take art? Do you hope to pursue an art career in the future or keep it as a hobby?
“I take my art semi-serious,” Zuniga said. “It would be cool to make a career from art.”

8. Describe a time when art became frustrating. How did you resolve this problem?
 “I’ve never had a problem in art,” Zuniga said. “Sometimes I find it frustrating trying to make a nice piece [that] I just can’t do so, but I keep trying until I get it correct.”

9. What role does art play in our society?
“Cartoons or any entertainment or even museum collages,” Zuniga said. “Art is [in] a lot of places, but some people just don’t realize, and without any form of art, our world would be pretty lifeless and boring.”

10. What is the best piece of advice you can give to a fellow artist, or someone considering art?
“I would say even if it gets hard just don’t give up. You’ll find your own ways to do art and you don’t have to follow others, or go by their rules,” Zuniga said. “Art is supposed to be a way to freely express yourself.”

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