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How music can represent our lives

By Sam Gurdus, Steven Howell, Alicia Palacios and Carter Reid

Staff Writers

When you walk into room 11, you see students listening to music and finding songs that relate to their personal stories.

Daneyah Apenisni headshot
Summit Prep sophomore Daneyah Penisini

“We all participated in doing a music diary and the teacher ask the students how we’re feeling so the type of music that we listen to is the same feeling that we’re feeling,” Summit Prep sophomore Daneyah Penisini said.

The Exploring Music Expeditions course builds community by engaging students in activities where they study music and relate to songs. The projects they do range from making their own album art to writing their own songs at the end of the course.

Swimming Pools

“I see my just hear my friends doing drugs and drinking their lives away and I feel like I can’t help them. They went too far into the pool of liquor. This song changed me because it told me how people can fall into alcohol abuse from just one moment of peer pressure and how it affected them. I never want to be like that.”

-Excerpt from Daneyah Penisini’s personal playlist

Penisini expressed her opinion that music has a positive effect on the community “because it gives us something in common to meet other people.”

Nick Navarro headshot
Summit Prep freshman Nick Navarro

Summit Prep freshman Nick Navarro said, “It depends on what type of music but I think [music] does has an impact on us.”

Josh Ramirez-Gutierrez portrait
Summit Prep freshman Josh Guterrez Ramirez

Summit Prep freshman Josh Gutierrez Ramirez explained that in class, “We do musical diaries and other music related analysis types of projects where we talk about how [music] affects us and what the lyrics mean.”

Gutierrez said, for their last project, “We made a playlist of songs that reflect big events in our life.”

Additionally, Penisini said, “For our last project, I believe we were making a playlist of song that impacted our life and explaining how they were an impact on our life.”

When asked why she joined the class Penisini said, “To be honest I only signed up … because my friends were going to but once I started the class I realized that is a good class and it allows us to listen to music that we love”


“This song actually is perfect for me. Sometimes you played the fool in some situations. You were too deep into the moment that consequences sorta popped up outta nowhere. This song has helped me help others who were going through tough times, it allowed me to be placed in their shoes and how to approach them.”

-Excerpt from Daneyah Penisini’s personal playlist

Screenshot 2017-08-31 at 9.28.02 AM - Edited

To describe his impression on the class Gutierrez said, “It’s a good class but sometimes there are behavior issues with getting on track.”

Adding on, Penisini said, “This class is fairly simple and it’s about students that like to listen to music and understand it in a deeply level.”

In conclusion, relating to music in the community helps students in both their home and school life.

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