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Summit Prep senior on the rise to be a future hockey star

By Kenneth John Catimbang

Staff Writer

Tyler Sheppy is a Summit Prep senior athlete who plays hockey. He believes that he commits to both school and sports since hockey has been in his life for a long time.

Summit Prep senior Tyler Sheppy

1. What made you specialize in this type of sport?

“Ever since a young age, hockey has been there throughout my life,” he said. “A combination of my family members really influenced me to pursue this type of passion.”

2. Describe your passion for hockey. How did you know that this is the right sport for you?

“I’ve played many sports and none of them gave me the love I have for hockey,” he said. “The feeling of finding the right sport gives me happiness and commitment to pursue this passion since this has been in the family for years.”

3. How long have you been practicing to become the person you are now?

“I’ve been playing ice hockey at the age of 6,” he said. “It teaches me teamwork, and I learned the value of hard work.”

4. What do you wish people knew about hockey?

“How hard the sport actually is – like people know that it is a very hard sport, but they don’t know HOW hard the sport really is.”

5. What or who inspired you to play hockey?

Sheppy said his parents did; but mostly his father, because he played it himself. Hockey runs in the family; so his older brother played the sport, then Tyler and then his younger brother.

6. What is one piece of advice you would give to a young fan?

“I would say something like, ‘Never look down at your failures; take them as an opportunity to get better, and to enjoy every single bit of it.’”

7. What would you say about your team when you won the state championship?

“We earned every bit of it,” he said. Sheppy then stated that teamwork was essential for the win and he had no doubt that he was going to win the state championship.

Summit Prep senior Tyler Sheppy plays in the state championship.

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