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Mentor shares insight on mentor groups

By Carter Reid

Staff Writer

Alexandra Swanson was born in Sacramento. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz and then went and taught in Rhode Island. Ms. Swanson teaches AP Environmental Sswansonheadshot2cience and mentors a group of freshmen at Summit Preparatory Charter High School.

 1. What was your inspiration to be a teacher?  

“A really good teacher in high school inspired me because he was so passionate about the content he was teaching, and it made me very passionate and made me want to teach that subject.”

  2. What is the difference between a teacher and a mentor?

“Mentors help you grow as a student and become a better person, and teachers teach and help us understand and pass content.”

3. How do you think the role of the mentor helps the student body?

“I think it helps because it gives the students someone to always rely on campus and a place students know they are safe.”

4. If you were a student, how would you react to mentor groups?

“I would be nervous at first, but after I think it would really help me,” she said, explaining that she would know she had a group of students to help her and an adult she could go to.

5. What are your goals for teaching your mentees this year?

“I really hope I can be a resource and to help the mentees to grow as people and to be  there for them whenever they need help.”

6. If you were in charge, is there anything you would change about mentor groups?

“I would try and have more community time because I feel my role as a mentor is to get to know my students and to help them develop as people, and I would love more time to do that.”


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