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History teacher shares her passion for teaching

By Dixie Ramirez

Staff Writer

Alana Buller teaches Social Studies at Everest Public High School. Ms. Buller cares about her students and wants to keep them on track; she enjoys working with them. This year, so far, she has enjoyed working at Everest.

1. What made you want to teach Modern World in Everest and why?

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Everest history teacher Alana Buller

“I have wanted to teach since I was a little kid. Both my parents are teachers and it always seemed like a very fulfilling profession,” Ms. Buller said. “I love studying and talking about history, so I thought it would be fun to share this passion with students. I decided to come to Everest because it was a small school with a great faculty and I could see myself enjoying teaching here.”

2. What is your goal for this year as a ninth grade teacher?  

“My goal for my ninth graders this year is to help them grow in their knowledge of history and also their curiosity for the past. I hope they leave my class with the ability to research and passion to keep up with world events in the present while also exploring how the world was in the past.”

3. What other subject did you like, besides history, when you were little?  

“When I was little I enjoyed English because I always loved reading. I still love reading; I just don’t have great grammar.”

4. What techniques do you use to teach to your ninth grade students?

“When teaching ninth graders, the greatest technique I utilize is patience.”

5. What would you do instead in you weren’t a teacher and why?

“If I wasn’t a teacher I would probably be a historical researcher. I love conducting research and traveling the world. So if I had to pick a job different than teaching, it would be to continue studying history, or being a foreign ambassador, because that seems cool.”

6. What are the best things that have ever happened so far in Everest?

“So far at Everest, the best thing that happened was the camping trip. It was a great way to become closer as a school and as a mentor group, and I had a great time.”

7. What do you like to teach in Modern World and why?

“I like to teach about the French and Mexican Revolutions because students think they are very interesting and leads to a lot of discussion and questions in class.”

8. What shows or TV shows do you like that involve history?

“I really enjoy documentaries about historical events, so pretty much anything on the History Channel. My favorite form of entertainment about history right now is the musical Hamilton.”

9. How does it feel to deal with over 100 freshmen every week in school?

“Haha, I love being a freshman teacher! Their energy is fun to deal with and there is never a dull moment in the school day.”

10. What do you want as the best for your ninth grade students and why?

“I hope all my ninth graders enjoy their time in high school and don’t take it for granted! They are all smart and capable, and I hope that they continue showing that to their teachers and pushing themselves to be great.”

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