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Everest students initiate teacher’s joy

By Rylee Storms

Staff Writer

Screenshot 2017-09-21 at 9.19.07 AM
Allison Mears, AP Government teacher at Everest

Allison Mears shows her love for the freedom students gain from attending Everest Public High School. The AP Government teacher expressed her admiration of the students having to take responsibility for their own work and future success.

1. When did you first become interested in being a teacher and/or working at a school? Did you have any role models that influenced you? If so, who and how?

I became interested in teaching when I was in high school,” Ms. Mears stated. “I had great teachers who influenced me. They told me that I would be a great teacher and encouraged me to think about the profession.”


2. How many schools have you worked at in your life? What was it like working as an educator in another country?

“I have worked at four different schools,” Ms. Mears said. “Working in Ecuador was the most difficult because I wasn’t able to fully communicate with my students. I had to work really hard to help my students succeed.”

3. Is working at Everest different from working in other school districts? If so, how is it different?

“Yes, because you have more roles than just being a teacher,” Ms. Mears said. “Working at Everest is definitely different. This school gives students a lot of academic freedom. It also requires teachers to take on a variety of roles.”

4. What do you enjoy about Everest and the way the school works? What makes you think this?

“I like how this school allows students to work ahead or catch up on missed work,” Ms. Mears said. “Because students work at different paces, it is helpful that students have the ability to take time with concepts they are confused about. That is my favorite part of this school.”

5. Is there anything you would like to see change at Everest? Why?

“I wouldn’t change anything here,” Ms. Mears exclaimed.

6. Is there anything you would like the students of Everest to know about you?

“I want my students to know that I care about their success,” Ms. Mears stated.

7. What would you want to see more in the students in your class? Why would you like to see more of this?

“I would like to see more focus from my students,” Ms. Mears stated. “Many students struggle to get their work done on time or pay attention in class. These are skills they need to develop throughout the year.”

8. What has been your biggest goal these four years as a teacher?

“I hope my students get to explore different career paths and passions,” Ms. Mears said. “I hope that my students leave high school with sense of purpose and a plan for college. I will feel like I have been successful as a teacher if my students have that.”

9. How do you feel about the student body at Everest?  What makes you think that?

“The student body at Everest is very diverse, and they bring a diversity of skills into the classroom,” Ms. Mears added. “Different students excel at different things, and it is great to see that play out in the classroom.”

10. What was being a student like when you were younger? Did you enjoy being a student at that time?

I enjoyed being a student. I enjoy learning, and I always had good relationships with other students. These factors made me enjoy high school and college,” Ms. Mears said.

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