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Athlete likes competition

By William Kramer

Staff Writer

Nicholas Quon is a freshman at Everest Public High School. He is an athlete who is really into basketball. He plays basketball every year and really enjoys playing. This year, he feels much better about his playing.

1. What made you want to start playing basketball?

His mom signed him up for basketball. “I was kind of nervous to play; and after I played my first game, I had a really good time, and it was really fun,” Quon said. “Now I really like sports.”

2. When and why did you start playing?

Everest freshman Nicholas Quon

He started in third grade because his mom asked him if he wanted to play. “Every year I was excited to play a new sport, and it was a good experience,” Quon said. “After the first game, it was really fun.”

3. Who inspired you to start playing, and how did he/she do that?

“After my mom signed me up, the first basketball coach I had helped me experience a new sport.”                        

4. How did it feel playing for the first time? Why and/or how did it feel this way?

“It was fun the first time, and it was a good experience starting with a new sport,” Quon said. “In the beginning I was kind of nervous to play, but I was more fluent as the game went on. It was also more fun to play.”

5. What would be your ultimate achievement in this sport?

“To be the best player I can and keep playing in high school,” Quon said. “To be a good player on the high school team.”

6. What is interesting about this sport?

“Competition and playing and experiencing how good other players are,” Quon answered. “No matter how good you are, there is always a chance to get better. I think it’s good to get better.”

7. Does anyone else in your family play or have played any of the sports you do? Do you play with your family?

He said his dad still plays, as well as his cousin, uncles and brothers. “I sometimes play with my family and sometimes go out into my back yard to play together,” Quon said. “It’s always fun to play against each other and make jokes about each other.”

8. What’s your favorite thing about this sport and why?

“Always having an opportunity to improve and it’s fun to play,” Quon said. “I think it’s fun to play because you get to compete against other people, and it’s especially fun to have a good game and have your teammates cheer you on.”

9. Have you ever considered quitting a sport? Why or why not?

“I quit baseball because it was boring and you had to wait for a long time,” Quon said. “I played baseball and basketball for five years and decided I wanted to play basketball, but sometimes I like to watch baseball.”

10. Do you think you could become famous for this sport and why?

“No, because there are lots of other players that are better and not a well known player like others. I think I’m a good player and will play in high school and hopefully college, but not good enough to become famous for it,” Quon said. “But there is still an opportunity to get better.”

11. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

“I think I’m pretty good at shooting and dribbling, but not the greatest at posting up,” Quon said. “If I practice my weaknesses enough, I think I’ll get better at it.”

12. What advice do you have for other players?

“Make sure to enjoy what you’re doing or what you’re playing, and there is always room to improve no matter how good or bad you are,” Quon said. “Have fun playing the sport.”

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