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A fan talks about Rick and Morty Season 3

By Jacob Rattner

Staff Writer

Rick and Morty is an animated science fiction comedy on Adult Swim created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. With Rick and Morty entering its third season and rising in popularity, the show has been trying to walk the line between pleasing fans of the series and attracting new viewers.  Everest senior Spencer Maples is a longtime fan of the show who offered his opinion on Season 3.

1. Why do you watch Rick and Morty?

Everest senior Spencer Maples

“I watch Rick and Morty because it is extremely funny, and I think it is actually very clever with a lot of really funny but at sometimes dark humor.”

2. Why do you like Rick and Morty?

“I really like the show. I think that it really stands out from other tongue-in-cheek cartoons that you would find on Adult Swim. I think it is just on a completely different level. I think that the writers are so much more talented and smarter than the writers you would find in other Adult Swim shows.” 

3. Do you think the show is more than meets the eye and, if it is, what message is it hiding?

“There are moments that occur throughout the series that have very dark themes to them that have something to do with existential crises. I do think however the writers are just trying to tell a very interesting story that will blow your mind,” Maples explained how the dark moments in the show add to the comedy and make the whole show a better experience.

4. Do you think that the writers decided to focus on character growth rather than comedy this season, and is this good for the show?

“I wholeheartedly believe that the most important thing they could be focusing on is character growth, because while Rick and Morty have been able to sell itself as a comedy, I think where we are in Season 3 it’s a blend of good character development and it is extremely funny.” Maples went on to explain how he likes what the writers are doing specifically with the character of Morty and how he has grown and changed throughout the seasons.

5. How has this season compared to past seasons of the show?

“I personally believe that Season 3 of Rick and Morty has been the most impressive season of the show so far. I obviously love season 1 and 2, but I do believe Season 3 has taken the story to places I haven’t seen it go before.”

6. How has the addition of new writers affected the show?

“It has affected the show in a positive way. I think they have nailed it right now. There is a lot of creativity in the concepts of each episode. I often find myself looking at each episode and thinking, ‘How did they come up with this?’ And it’s also still very funny.”

7. Do you think the show should have overarching plots or remain serialized?

“I actually do like the addition of overarching plots. Because I find that with a show like Family Guy the idea of a reset button at the end of every episode works in Family Guy’s favor. I think that in Rick and Morty, it’s more special to think that a thing that happens in Season 1 has relevance in Season 3. That kind of stuff I like and those little callbacks are great additions and I can’t wait to see more of them.”

8. What do you think of the Rick and Morty fanbase?

“I haven’t been super exposed to the fanbase. I do think that some people have taken the series too seriously. It’s really hard to categorize the fanbase: some people watch for the humor, some for the characters and some for the stories. I find most people who I talk to are like me and really like the show.”

9. Has Season 3 lived up to your personal expectations?

“I wouldn’t say this season has lived up to my personal expectations; I would actually say it has exceeded them. I was going into Season 3 expecting something along the same lines as Season 1 and 2 … I found myself throughout this season thinking ‘When are they going to make a bad episode?’ ”

10. Are you going to watch Season 4?

“I will absolutely watch Season 4! I have loved the show so much and I can’t wait to see where it goes.”

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