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Ms. Buller loves Everest, her students and teaching

By Kimberly Campos

Staff Writer

Alana Buller teaches Social Studies at Everest Public High School. Ms. Buller cares about her students, wants to keep them on track and enjoys working with them. This year, she has enjoyed working at Everest.

  1. What brought you to Everest? “I was looking for a job, and I met with the faculty at Everest and thought the school was welcoming,” Ms. Buller said.


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Everest history teacher Alana Buller

2. What is your favorite thing about being a mentor? Why is that your favorite thing?  

Ms. Buller’s favorite thing about being a mentor is spending time with her mentees and getting to know them. That is her favorite thing because all of her mentees are different and they are motivated, which makes make her excited and inspired for the future.


3. What does it feel like having two different classes? Do you think it is going to be the same throughout the year? 

“At the moment so far, having two different classes is not stressing. I think throughout the year it’s going to become easier because I am going to know my students more and we will fall into a routine, so it will be easier to maintain the classes,” Ms. Buller said.

4. Did you want to be a teacher since you were a kid? Why or why not?

Ms. Buller wanted to be a teacher since she was a kid. She enjoys working with students, and her parents are her biggest influence.

5. What drew you to being a Social Studies teacher? 

Even a kid she knew she wanted to be a teacher, but she did not know exactly what she wanted to teach yet. Both of her parents are teachers, so she learned from them. Ms. Buller enjoys teaching Social Studies because she likes learning about people from the past. 

6. Was Social Studies your favorite subject in school? Why or why not?

“It was my favorite subject because I liked learning about people from the past and about what is going on in the world. In high school I also really enjoyed AP United States History.”

7. Did you have any other subjects that you liked in school? Why did you like     those subjects? 

I liked English because I liked to read. I also like Spanish and Italian and I like learning different languages for foreign countries,” Ms. Buller said.

8. So far have you liked working at Everest? What is your favorite thing about working at Everest?

“So far I have enjoyed working at Everest because the faculty and students are welcoming, and I love working with my students,” Ms. Buller said. “I like the fact that it’s a small school because everyone knows each other there and there is a strong sense of community.”

9. What are your goals for your mentor group?

“My goal is to get my mentees into a four-year college and to be there to help them,” Ms. Buller said.

10. What are your goals for getting there, and how long do you think it will take to reach them?

One strategy Ms. Buller has for getting her mentees is college is communicating with her students and keeping them on track with their classes. Other steps Ms. Buller is taking include scheduling meetings with her mentees’ parents and talking about college with them. She also makes sure they reach out to their teachers when students are not on track in their classes. Ms. Buller also wants to be available to her students when they need help.


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