Summit Prep senior expresses himself through multiple mediums of art

By Ryan Caal 

Staff Writer

Summit Prep senior Jose Gutierrez-Hernandez is taking the Intro to Visual Arts Expeditions course this year. He enjoys music and photography, and he is inspired by how versatile and creative art is.

  1. What do you think of when you hear the word art?

    Jose portrait

    Summit Prep senior Jose Gutierrez-Hernandez

“I think of creativity.”

  1. Do you believe you’re an artist, and why?

“No, not really, because I’m not that great at it.”

  1. Does it inspire you in any way in life?

“Sometimes. When I was a kid, coloring really cheered me up when I was in a bad mood.”

  1. Do you like art? Why?

“Yes, because of its creative set.”

  1. What do you compare art to?

“Music and imagination.”

  1.  What are two artists you like?

“Bob Ross and Slim Thug.”

  1. Name something you love related to art.

“Pictures and music.”

  1. What do you dislike about art?  

“I don’t like criticism.”

  1. What songs do you like to listen to?

“Heavy metal and EDM.”

  1. What message do you think it’s sending?

“To be creative.”

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