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Catering company helps the community

By Marvin Varela

Staff Writer

head shot of jose
Jose Pereznegron, president of the Peninsula catering company

Jose Pereznegron has been in the catering industry for 15 years. His company, Peninsula, delivers food to big events and parties to help people. He finds his passion by helping the members of his community through the means of catering. Mr. Pereznegron sees the lack of catering companies within the area as a problem for those who host large parties, and he saw an opportunity to fulfill a need for his community.

1. What is your role at the place you work at?

“My role is to be the president of the company,” he said. “I also make sure everyone is doing their job and not fooling around.”

2. What do you enjoy doing at your job?

“I enjoy what I do in my job,” he said, adding: “I really like sending food to people for events and parties because a lot of people don’t have money or time to buy food for the event.”

3. How do you contribute to your team?

“As the president of the company, I try to make sure that everyone is doing their job and completing work on-time.”

4. How do you get involved in the community with your job?

“I try to be a nice person and be helpful with my teammates,” he explained. “I give out food to events and parties because most people won’t have time or money to get a lot of food for a big event or party.”

5. What do you think about the changes to Redwood City?

“I think it’s going very good, but the rent is really expensive,” he said, adding: “With all this new technology, life is so much easier.”

6. What are your opinions with the rise of rent?

“I think we pay too much money to live here, and I hope later on it will go down.”

7. Would you rather live here or somewhere else?

“I prefer to live here because I really enjoy living here despite the rent cost.”

8. How do you think your business helps the community?

“I think I am helpful to this community because I send food to people for big events and parties,” he explained. “It can be challenging to get food for events and parties.”

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