Monthly Archives: September 2017

Student offers thoughts on Advanced Acting course

By Jacob Kahn-Samuelson Staff Writer Han Dinh is a sophomore at Summit Tahoma who is currently in Modern Acting. Last year, she did Intro to Drama. She is looking forward to this year’s Expeditions course. What caused you to choose drama as your Expeditions course? “I was in Intro to Drama last year, and I really enjoyed it,” Dinh said.

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AP Language teacher examines how people read and write

By Vaibhav Gopal Staff Writer  Andrea Rivard teaches AP English Language at Summit Tahoma in San Jose. Every year, she rechecks her curriculum to make sure students achieve the grades they need to pass. This year, her class began by teaching students how to write an essay using rhetorical devices and by preparing the class for timed writes. Rivard is

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Sociology of Law teacher speaks on how diversity impacts the community

By Pauline Velazquez Staff Writer  Lissa Thiele is the Sociology of Law Expeditions teacher. She works at Summit Public Schools and is very close to her students. She bases her curriculum off current political events. 1. Would you consider the history curriculum at Summit to be diverse? “From the Holocaust perspective, there have been some things that are great and some

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