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Summit Prep goes camping

By Jon Garvin and Kai Lock 

Multimedia Editors

On Aug. 28 and Aug. 29, the Summit Prep faculty and students left campus for their annual camping trip. The purpose of this camping trip is to build relationships between students, as well as continuing to strengthen their relationship with their mentor and other teachers.

During this annual camping trip students play fun community builder games, at times involving just their mentor group and at other times competing against all of the other mentor groups (also known as the Mentor Olympics) for points.

The annual camping trip also offers breakout sessions, which include activities such as making friendship bracelets, hosting a dance party, playing in a soccer tournament and much more. To be able to participate in more than one activity, there are two breakout sessions, each one lasting about an hour.

Two Summit Prep camping trip traditions are the talent show and the mentor group chant. Each mentor group gets time to create a mentor group flag, chant and mascot. They then present these at the end of the camping trip and teachers decide which mentor group has the best chant. Wrapping up the camping trip means naming the mentor group who accumulated the most points the winner.

Below are some pictures from the camping trip:

practicing chant

Sophomores practice their mentor group chant (left to right: Evelyn Balladares, Yesenia Lopez, Casper Lyback and Jenny Soria).


nail polish

Senior Annabeth Sims enjoys her time at the nail painting breakout session.


Summit Prep freshman Xavier Ramirez has fun freestyle rapping at the annual camping trip talent show.


Summit Prep Dean of Culture Michael Green and Summit Prep Executive Director Caitlin Reilly dress up in dinosaur costumes and have fun telling puns onstage.

Here are some additional photos taken at the Summit camping trip:

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Faculty and students observe the solar eclipse

By Eliza Insley and Micah Tam

Staff Editors

On Aug. 21, Summit Prep students took 20 minutes from their morning class to watch the first total solar eclipse in America that was seen coast to coast in the past 38 years.

The solar eclipse occurred across the nation, reaching totality in 14 states, including Oregon. In Redwood City, California, the eclipse reached 75 percent totality.

Some students made pinhole cameras using index cards to view the eclipse; others brought their own eclipse glasses from home. Since California was not in the path of totality, there was still an adequate amount of sunshine and many found the watching experience to be quite underwhelming. However, the effects of the eclipse were evident due to the day appearing to be darker than usual.

Summit Prep sophomore Lauren Louie said, “I wanted to see a total eclipse because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Getting to see this eclipse was more a more substantial event to some than it was to others. Summit Prep senior Anna Becker said, “It made me feel connected with the universe and Mother Nature.”

Top: Summit Prep freshman Alexis Pereznegron looks up at the solar eclipse.

Bottom (left to right): Summit Prep sophomores Lauren Louie, Tara Dubridge and Daniel Garcia view the solar eclipse through glasses specifically made to safely view the eclipse.