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Art means to express yourself

By Marleth Giron

Staff Writer

Many students at Everest like to draw and show their creations to everyone. I consider myself an artist, and I like to show my drawings to people.

Everest freshman Marleth Giron created this drawing because she admires the design of the character Marie from the video game Splatoon.

I first started drawing when I was around eight years old. I would draw simple drawings with my mother. I can still picture some of the drawings her and I drew together, like I remember drawing a rabbit eating a carrot.

Art means a lot to me since I consider myself an artist. Art also means a lot to me because it helps me destress from everything.

Everest freshman Molly Pigot said, “Art means to me expression and how I avoid things.”

She said she’s always liked to draw.I took an art class in middle school and that got me more into it,” she said, adding that she “started to draw at the age of 8 or 9” and that her favorite thing to draw is faces.

“I would like to continue to draw in the future,” Pigot said.

IMG_4757 (1)
Everest freshman Molly Pigot created this penguin in seventh grade and the cupcake in eighth. “I crafted both pieces from clay and painted them. The penguin was made for a bird project where you had to make a penguin or an owl and dress it up. We also had to make a mini book that told a story about your bird. Unfortunately, I don’t still have the book, but it was about a penguin named Oscar.” PHOTO CREDIT: Molly Pigot
Everest sophomore Ignatius Hayer shows off his first project for the Visual Arts class. 

Everest sophomore Ignatius Hayer said that he has started to like drawing more after enrolling in the Visual Arts class this year.

Hayer said he really likes drawing abstracts and working with watercolors.

“Art means to me express yourself, and it’s fun to do,” he said.


Featured image (at the top of this post): Everest freshman Molly Pigot created this painting for her Visual Arts Expeditions class. PHOTO CREDIT: Molly Pigot

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