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The Oakland Raiders mean a lot to their fans

By Alfredo Lanuza

Staff Writer

Every week, I look forward to the weekend. One huge reason why I look forward to the weekend is Raiders games.

When the Raiders play, my family throws a game day party. At these parties we make a lot of food for the guests.

We all hope for the result of a Raiders “W,” but we don’t always get what we want. For example, last season.

On Dec. 24, 2016, the Raiders were already in the playoffs, and the coach decided to start our main quarterback. Little did he know that was a huge mistake.

One minute into the fourth quarter, Derek Carr broke his leg and our hopes for reaching the Super Bowl died. 

My brother Adam Nunez, who is a MOS 74 D Chemical Specialist E5 sergeant in the U.S. Army, said he started following the Raiders in 1995, the year the Niners won the Super Bowl. “Everybody around me was a Niners fan. I didn’t want to be like them; I wanted to be individual and root for a team that are underdogs.”

Adam Nunez cheers at the Raiders game versus Denver.

Mr. Nunez also said the Raiders are “ruthless, underdog, everyone hates them.” He added that “the team is overlooked, but we are one of the greats.”

This last season didn’t go to plan; we had great potential but our main player got injured, and what Mr. Nunez said about this issue was a very clever phrase to sum up the problem: “The injury really hurt the whole team.”

As Raiders fans, we are super excited for the next season to begin so we can start our weekend game day routines once again. We hope we will be champions and have bragging rights over our fiercest rivals.

Mr. Nunez is furious that the Oakland Raiders are going to move to Vegas; however, he stated, “We’re a small team with a big ego, and I will follow them anywhere they go.” The Oakland Raiders are one of the biggest NFL teams in California. They have one of the most hardcore fan bases all throughout the nation, which is obvious from the official Raiders fan website.

The reputation that the Raiders fans have is that they are the most hardcore and faithful. This is because the fans always fill out the stadium even though the team was losing most of their games.

Every weekend that the Raiders play, there are millions of fans as eager to watch the game as I am. Many of them are, like Mr. Nunez, disappointed that the team is moving.

The Raiders are set to move to Las Vegas; they will become the Las Vegas Raiders. Most fans are angry at this decision because the team has been moving all around the West.  

Some fans tailgate, some watch from home, while others watch the game in the stadium. No matter when or where, the fans will always watch the games.


Photo credit for featured image (at the top of this post): Wikimedia Commons

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