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Rainier students visit the Mercury News

By Antonio Constantino

Staff Writer

The journalism program at Summit Public School: Rainier visited the San Jose Mercury News headquarters for a day. Students in this program learned new things because they got to experience a realistic view of being a journalist as they got to see the working environment and listen to journalists talk about their experiences at work and what they do outside of the headquarters.

During the visit that student journalists from Rainier paid to the Mercury News, journalists opened up to questions like “What’s it like to work in the Mercury News?” and “How did you begin to work at the Mercury News?”

They even opened up to some more in-depth questions like “What do you like about working here?” and “What are the challenges to working here?”

Here’s what three of the Mercury News journalists had to say about their jobs:

Mercury News reporter Robert Salonga uses his Twitter feed to spotlight crime news. VIDEO CREDIT: Tam Ha

Mercury News reporter Marisa Kendall uses her Twitter feed to highlight tech news. VIDEO CREDIT: Tam Ha

Mercury News reporter Ethan Baron uses his Twitter feed to publicize tech news. VIDEO CREDIT: Tam Ha

Rainier journalism students had a chance to tour the newsroom and sit in on a budget meeting:

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Rainier journalists then learned that to be a journalist at the Mercury News or any other kind of news company they’d have to travel a lot and be ready for things that they might not expect. The reason for this is because journalists do not know what could happen at the sites that they are at.

This made the student journalists learn more about what they are studying and made them think more in-depth about what the real world is like.

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