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Soccer is a good distraction

By Elton Morfin

Staff Writer

Soccer helps me a lot; for example, if I have a lot on my mind or if I am angry. What do I do instead of taking out all that anger on someone else? I go play soccer because it helps me calm down.

For me, soccer feels relaxing, and it distracts me from the things on my mind. I think soccer is a good distraction because it physically makes me fit, and it helps me focus on the sport instead of whatever else is bothering me.

Bryant Tover, a freshman at Summit Prep who plays for the Juventus Sport Club in Redwood City, also feels that soccer is very important to him and that it helps him develop physically and mentally. “Soccer is relaxing to me,” he said.

bryant (1)
Summit Prep freshman Bryant Tover

As Joey Bilotta, the vice president of EduKick, a cultural immersion soccer training program, explained in a post for the International Mental Game Coaching Association: “Everybody gets nervous before a game or a performance. Unfortunately, anxiety can also muddle your thinking, which can cause you to make bad judgments on the field. If you’re alert, but relaxed, you can make decisions better and faster when you’re under pressure.”

In conclusion, some tips for soccer are to be relaxed and calm. I can not stress this enough, soccer is very relaxing and calm.

Featured image (at the top of this post): Summit Prep freshman Elton Morfin shoots on goal during an after school Friday pickup game. 



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