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President Trump’s travel ban affects Bay Area high school students

By Jon Garvin

Staff Writer

Xenophobia and anti-immigrant rhetoric were themes in Donald Trump’s campaign, and they continue to be topics of discussion as his administration progresses. Early in his term, President Trump and his administration put in place a temporary travel ban. According to the White House, President Trump released a ban on Jan. 27 to block citizens from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen in order to combat terrorism. On March 6, according to the New York Times, Trump exempted Iraq from the ban in part due to large protests at airports.

Many high school students in the Bay Area community were affected by the ban, and they have very strong opinions and emotions regarding the ban. The debate continues, as courts have blocked the bans, and they continue to inspire legal debate.

Here’s what members of the Bay Area community said when asked how the ban has affected them:


Anna Becker, a junior at Summit Preparatory Charter High School, shares her personal experience with refugees.


Left: Dina Bakour, a freshman at Carlmont High School, said, “Trump’s travel ban has affected me because people can’t enter the USA because of where they are from and their skin color. This makes me sad that not everyone in the world is equal.”

Right: Nicolette Bolich, a freshman at Notre Dame High School, said, “The travel ban has affected me because it makes me feel bad for the families who want to come to the U.S. to live a better life.”


Left: Bridget Britton, a freshman at Notre Dame, said, “The travel ban has affected me because it is racist and mean that he isn’t helping refugees, and he is being harsher on citizens from countries like Iran and Syria.”

Right: Dangelo Diaz, a freshman at Sequoia High School, said, “It hasn’t really affected me besides knowing that there will be less chance of terrorism in the U.S.”


Left: Angela Padilla, a senior at Summit Preparatory Charter High School, said, “It promotes a culture of intolerance against Islamic communities. As a person of color, that’s not something I support or want to see in our society.”

Right: Max Kolotinsky, a freshman at Kehillah Jewish High School, said, “It’s affected me by making me sad about how bad we can’t trust each other because of race and religion.”


Left: Jayden Hanan, a sophomore at Carlmont, said, “The travel ban has affected me because I think more people use this as an opportunity to be racist towards each other, which is wrong.”

Middle: Danielle Ellman, a freshman at St. Ignatius College Prep, said,  “The travel ban has affected me because I don’t agree with it, and it has opened my eyes to things I’m not aware of, like the inequality and unfair treatment of other countries.”

Right: Dara Cardona, a freshman at Summit Prep, said, “The travel ban has affected me because I know people who have come to the U.S. to live a better life, and I don’t think it’s fair for these countries to be restricted and not get a better life.”

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