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Rainier students celebrate learning by showcasing their career-based classes

By Toan Chau 

Staff Writer

Celebration of Learning is when students showcase their work and display what they have learned throughout their Expeditions courses, whether that is life skills or content knowledge that will prepare them for college or a career. On May 11, students at Summit Public School: Rainier showed off their work in various fields.


In the Anthropology course, students learn about cultures, ethnicity, geography and the evolution of the human race. Students displayed three everyday items and explained each object’s importance to their culture and compared its importance to other cultures.

IMG_1186The Anthropology class showcases their displays.

IMG_1188Lassen Longshore, a freshman at Summit Rainier, presents his three items.

IMG_1190Sombra Arroyo, a freshman at Summit Rainier, showcases her three items.

IMG_1191Kali Brand, a sophomore at Summit Rainier, presents to a crowd.

IMG_1198This display highlights Mexican culture.

IMG_1199These presentations display Portuguese (left) and Luzon (right) culture.

Computer Science

In this Expeditions course, the students learn the basics of a computer and of programming. They learn what is needed for a program such as an MP3 player, as well as learning how to make a website, set up firewalls and further protect their own computer.

11111111111111111111111111Isaiah Dollens, a freshman at Summit Rainier, tries out an Oculus Rift.

11111111111111111111111111111111111111Shreya Ramasubban, a sophomore at Summit Rainier, gives an overview of all the projects she did in the course.

11111111111111111Kenson Nguyen, a sophomore at Summit Rainier, shows off the music player that he programmed during the course.

111111111111111111111111111111111111William Redenbaugh, a junior at Summit Rainier, programs his RC car, which he created entirely.


In this class, students learn the skills required to plan a company, actually working out the finances involved and then creating a full business plan. Students planned and created a slideshow, presenting their company as if they are presenting to someone official. On May 11, Alfredo Mathew, a representative from the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), came to help the teacher of the class, Aaron Calvert, judge the best business presentation made by representatives from each class. The first-place winners won a $100 Visa card and the second-place winners won a $50 Visa card.

IMG_2212Mr. Calvert welcomes visitors to the classroom where Entrepreneurship students presented during the Celebration of Learning night.

IMG_2207Rainier freshmen Alvina Quan and Analynn Nguyen, Mr. Calvert, Rainier senior Anthony Nguyen and Rainier sophomore Andy Nguyen stand side-by-side in the Entrepreneurship showcase room.

IMG_2214Rainier freshmen Gabriela Morales and Marthel Hernandez Cortes with their business plan and the money other parents and students invested into their business.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is a business plan from Rainier freshmen Morales and Cortes, who created a fake surprise box designed to troll its recipient. 

Morales and Cortes present their full business plan. 

IMG_2232Rainier sophomores Shreya Ramasubban, Ashley Medeiros and Gabe Laroya were the winners of the afternoon class competition for the best business plan.

Staff Writers Sophie Gao, Tam Ha and Isaiah Dollens contributed to this article.

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