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Expeditions students explore potential careers

By Liz Kromrey

Staff Writer

The closer students get to senior year, the more they start to worry about what career they want to pursue or study during college. Using the Expeditions classes College Readiness, Internship and Sociology of Law, students are able to get closer to knowing what career they want to follow.


File_004At the beginning of the year, students applied to internship positions at jobs they wished to pursue. The jobs they did as interns changed depending on which business they were assigned to. While interning at Alpha Tech, Rainier senior Willy Teav was assigned the job of counting lightbulbs: “I did a lot of counting, a lot of math skills.”

File_001Rainier senior Judit Solorio interned at a Tech Shop, where she was able to use equipment such as the laser cutter. 

College Readiness:

Ashley Pinnell and Veronica Bettencourt were the teachers this year for College Readiness, and both got to showcase so many things that go into the process of college application for the juniors this year. The students in their class detailed what made them interested in certain colleges during the Celebration of Learning showcase.



Rainier junior Jackie Diaz gives her presentation, highlighting that she wants to attend a small Christian university on the West Coast and that she is looking forward to the independence that comes when going to college.





Rainier junior Rylie Weaver presents to the after-school audience, explaining that his dream school is Princeton and that it is considered a lottery school.


20170511_181948Rainier junior Mario Rios presents his best fit criteria document to onlookers. Rios spoke about his target college, ASU. 

20170511_183513Rainier junior Matthew Guerrero, chose to use a slides presentation to talk about his target school, USC. 

Sociology of Law:

In this course, students from all different grade levels took part in learning about the sociological effects of the law in our country. Here are some perspectives from students, faculty and parents on the question: Should we have armed guards in all public schools across the nation to help prevent mass shootings in schools?




Lissa Thiele facilitates a Socratic seminar in which students and parents discussed how best to keep schools safe. 




Rainier junior Jackie Diaz stated that having armed guards at all public schools would create a hostile environment.

Adding onto that, Elizabeth Franco-Lee, parent of Rainier senior Joshua Franco-Lee, stated that there would be a high level of worry brought onto parents of children at schools with armed guards due to the possibility of accidental shootings.

 The group then debated the following question: Even if this idea were to happen, where would we get all the funding from? What would this funding take away from other school programs?



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