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Rainier visibly supports diversity

By Yelitzi Ortega

Staff Writer

Students and faculty at Summit Public School: Rainier often visibly show their support for the creation of a diverse school community. Specifically, many students and faculty display pride in the diversity of the school and especially show their support for the LGBTQ+ community. Students also display their pride for diversity by having flags and joining clubs such as the Multicultural Club. Examples of pride can be seen all over campus. Things like posters, flags and even buttons are seen every day, as shown in the slideshow below.

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All of this visible support for diversity helps create a safe space for all members of the Summit Rainier community. Here’s a spotlight on some of the staff members who help create a safer space for diversity:


Rainier Spanish Teacher Angel Barragan

Mr. Barragan is one of the most influential people at Rainier when it comes to diversity. His classroom has many flags from different places, and he often speaks about opportunities students have to go to programs like the Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Program.


Rainier Assistant Director, Edwin Avarca

Mr. Avarca is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and he has a very big impact at the Summit Rainier because of the way he speaks about and supports all of the diversity in school.


Rainier Office Manager Lupe Trujillo

Ms. Trujillo is often seen showing her pride for diversity by having stickers on her laptop. She also has very strong opinions when it comes to the school’s community, and she isn’t afraid to speak out. Ms. Trujillo does everything in her power to ensure the safety of every student in this school, whether it has to do with bullying or maybe even smaller things.

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