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Technology is an important element at Rainier

By Moses Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Summit Public School: Rainier is different than most modern high schools considering most of the school work is done through Chromebooks. This difference at Summit Rainier makes it easier to learn and educate students for multiple reasons.

Rainier freshman Marcielo Perez said, “It’s better than having to write everything on a piece of paper and then having to keep track of the paper.”

This is an opinion from Perez that can be debated. Computers can be very convenient for keeping track of your work because it all stays in one place; however, some people might prefer paper and a pencil because they’re used to it.

There are also many other benefits that computers can bring to your education, including the internet. The internet is a big place to explore with many articles to read.

Rainier junior Mariah Tapia said, “Some benefits are you can find a lot of resources on your own.”

What Tapia is saying is that resources are easy to find on your own with a computer because there are plenty of articles to find on the internet, whereas a textbook has limited resources.

The technology at Rainier can also be useful for specific classes that might require a computer. Classes such as Video Production and Game Programming are some classes that require a computer.

Rainier freshman Santiago Piva explained how computers can come in handy for certain classes. “Especially with the Expeditions projects, in my case it’s the Video Game Production, if you don’t have the computers you don’t have as much opportunity to work on the Expeditions itself.”

What Piva is saying is that, without computers in a class like Video Game Production, there would be nothing to do.

A benefit that Piva pointed out is how you have more time to work on your projects on almost any occasion, but of course, there has to be WiFi.

Considering that lots of people can’t afford  the resources that they need to study, it’s important that we get computers to use whenever. “You have more time to do your work since you have a tool that you can use at home,” Piva said, explaining that students have more time to do their work with these computers because there is more time to do research. If somebody had no resources at home then they would probably have to wait to research at school.

Although technology at Rainier is helpful, some students differ in opinions. Students have different reasoning for why it isn’t important that we have computers as an educational resource at Rainier.

A point that Perez made is how the computers can affect your education in a negative way. Considering students have access to the internet, there are a variety of things that they can do, some of which aren’t academic. “You can slack off having the computer and being able to access YouTube,” Perez explained.

Perez argued that students can get distracted with the computers. If students are not focusing in class and are just on YouTube, then they could easily fall behind.

Many people, including Tapia, agree that having a computer at school can cause slacking off. There are also other things to do on a computer that can cause slacking off, other than just YouTube. “Downsides are when people mess around on their computers,” Tapia said.

As you can probably tell, messing around on computers is a problem for Rainier. Surfing the internet on non educational websites can cause your grade to go down because it serves as a distraction which means less work time.

In conclusion, the Chromebooks at Summit Rainier are an important asset for education because of the reasons explained. The Chromebooks can also be distracting if they are not used correctly; but if you do use them correctly, they can positively impact your grade.

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