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Music at Rainier brings our community together

By Alex D. Bonnett

Staff Writer

Music is one of the biggest parts that make up the community at Summit Public Schools: Rainier. Students play music during breaks and even during classes. Many students and staff love music and visibly show their support toward it. Music brings out students’ creativity, encouraging them to express it to the community. This is what students and staff have to say about how music affects the Rainier community:

Rainier sophomores Ryan Gage, Jacob Cardwell and Hunter Tilbury sing for the community to support the basketball signups.

Rainier seniors Jowie Panaligan and Ian Torres joined the VIBE club due to their interest in the arts; they explained that the musical arts are important at Rainier. 

Rainier freshmen Nicholas Perez and Chance Lodes play Legend of Zelda’s Song of Storms on piano after school in the biology class.

Perez and Lodes play the piano in the biology classroom together every day during and after school.

Students from the Stanford Vietnamese Student Association came to Summit Rainier to dance for the Lunar New Year Festival.

Summit Rainier tutor Johnny Nguyen said, “Music is an avenue; it’s always a point of community. If I went up to a student and started quoting Kanye West, and they listen to Kanye West, that’s already a connection.” PHOTO CREDIT: Toan Chau

On the beginning of the year camping trip, Summit Rainier family set up a late night talent show to let students show off their skills for the rest of the community.

Guitars and ukuleles are common instruments at Summit Rainier. PHOTO CREDIT: Toan Chau
Rainier sophomore Briahana Martinez said, “Yeah. It’s really nice to listen to and play. Makes your life easier and calm.” PHOTO CREDIT: Toan Chau

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